‘Wuru-Wuru II’; An Art Series

The falling man is one of the pieces that started as the figment of an idea and the idea was split into two of my favourite things to do: draw and sing. You see, I was in love just like I have been a hundred billion times. The different thing was that this time, I questioned what the future of that love would hold and due to the nature of it, realized that it was precarious at best. But it seemed crazy not to pursue the relationship to see where it would go. I imagined falling down the edge of a precipice, of my own free will and all the fantastical feelings that came with it, kind of like skydiving but with no parachute.

The first thing I did was write a song. Here are the lyrics and you can stream it here.

You asked me are you scared?
Are you there prepared
We’re standing on the edge
of eternity

You take my hand in yours
and you look into my eyes
maybe I am scared
of eternity

I take one step back
You pull me closer

There’s thunder and fire
We’re burning through the air
we’re falling through the clouds
there’s magic everywhere and I feel alive
I don’t know how it ends
but I’d do it all again
and fall
and fall
to the end with you

 I am not much of a songwriter but I don’t think I have ever written a song so quickly and better still, liked it.

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The painting was relatively easy to do from there. The colour I picked for eternity was yellow, a golden one with a soft glow. I tried with red but it was too hot and passionate, pink was just not sitting well with me, but yellow was a happy and warm colour. The falling man too was easy to draw too which was good because drawing humans in correct anatomical form is a bit of a struggle for me.

One of the interesting things I learnt from it was how lines can give the illusion of motion and even the direction of motion. Before the final image, I had a man falling in what looked like empty yellow space. I tried adding clouds but falling through clouds doesn’t give a depiction of eternity because when there is sky, there is ground. So I decided to change brushes and create streaks instead. This worked well for me but it looked like the man was falling with the streaks. Imagine falling from the sky and meteors falling with you. So I inversed the directions of the streaks and this time it looked like he was falling through them.

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Some of you may be curious about how things went with the relationship… we went a couple of years together but things beyond either of our control happened and it ended. I was really sad about it but while we were together it was something special. And yeah, I’d do it all again.

Jaiyesimi Ibukun is an artist who works with both digital and traditional media. He likes to create stories with words and paintings and when he is in a good mood can be found playing video games.

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