The NEAR Blockchain Announces Onboarding New Creatives in Africa.

The NEAR Protocol (NEP-171) is a blockchain targeting content creators with the potentials to explore their options in the Web3 ecosystem easily without losing their values, royalties, or legal rights. NEAR blockchain aims at taking creators beyond Art creation & marketing system into more of ‘Metaverse,’ i.e., virtual space where creatives can build their connections, games and create, mint and market their contents and earn NEAR Cryptocurrency while working from home. The NEAR Blockchain is a space for creatives that intend to launch their content into the next generation of virtual real estate and entertainment, creating channels.

NEAR Blockchain ( is currently onboarding content creators in the music, photography, videos, and painting fields. Here, structures are provided to maximize your profits and encourage rapid growth in the blockchain ecosystem. There is a Mintbase marketplace ( that provides an option of having your store for just seven (7) NEAR, plus cheap ‘gas fees’ in the NEAR Blockchain, as well as the Rainbow Bridge for Ethereum-NEAR or NEAR-Ethereum swap. 

Every NFTs get 10% forever royalties on their secondary sales and split revenue that is ensured by a smart contract.

CreateBase community ( is available to support creatives building within the Mintbase ecosystem in their various needs and ideas to fund community-beneficial projects and encourage consistency in creating. Onboarders also have the NEAR wallet ( set up to enable them to manage their profits.

Other interesting perks NEAR Blockchain offers its users are the ability to create a DAO, get support and run it within your proposed community. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a means of creating scarcity and values to the creator’s ownership of their work.

For more information on the NEAR Blockchain, refer to the links provided below for information and social media handles.








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