Special Announcement: Wild Radio Goes Offbeat

Popular Alteist podcast; Wild Radio, after 11 successful episodes on the Wild Half Hour Show has delightfully introduced to her listeners a brand new show, one which is both insightful and merry: Offbeat. This is the second show since the company took to online radio and podcast shows.

“Offbeat is an absolutely interactive session fused with the most awesome playlist you can find. Challenge is welcome”

Speaking with Jay, the host of now-defunct Wild Half Hour Show and the host of this brand new mashup between revelations and fun, he asserted that the show is targeted at creatives who execute their ideas differently through unconventional platforms or media. Differently, he said, means achieving goodness in the most irregular means possible.

“It’s about picking out the odd geniuses in each creative space.”

On the first episode of the show, Jay engaged with internationally recognized digital artist, Osinachi. A Nigerian, Osinachi creates stunning artworks using Microsoft Word. The two talked extensively about his come-up as a visual artist; the rejections and, of course, the attention he is getting now. Besides the insightful conversation between these two blissful minds, which is a perfectly blurred line between inspirational and humourous, is a euphonious playlist to keep the listener entertained.

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Take a ride with Jay every Saturday for your weekly dose of delight and motivation. Also, Offbeat is available on all digital radio streaming platforms.

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