Slay Your Independence as an Alteist

It’s that time of the year again when people carry mini-flags and move around. Some families go to the beach, others just chill. The youths see this as another chance to throw parties and dress up. So how do you win Independence Day with your dressing in the alté scene?

Fashion in alté embraces a retro and vintage style but gets tagged as ‘new school’ while not being mainstream. It is melodic, whimsy and some would say, almost spiritual.

Alté fashion focuses on the power of self, creativity and having fun. There’s always a bit of being ‘extra’ in this fashion movement. Details and color are very important and dressing is not complete without it.

As an altéist, one usually mixes edgy styles such as piercings, baggy pants, old sneakers and funny hairstyles. The alté fashion movement is as different as it can be.

Altéists stick together and are often seen together because they know just how it feels to be judged and to be seen as ‘fake’. Much like our founding fathers I might add.

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So how then do you win in the alté scene this Independence Day?

  1. A pair of peepers

If you’ve read some of our previous articles, then you’d know what peepers are. Here’s a link if you haven’t.

If you want to steal the scene at your Independence Day hangout, wear a pair of the matrix styled tiny sunglasses. Bear in mind, it must act as a clear focus of your entire ensemble. You might have to keep looking over them but then again, the aim is to get noticed.

2. Baggy clothes

Fitted clothes are overrated anyway. You’re going to a party to groove not to sit around. Also, what better way to get some air in this country than in loose fitting clothes. A pair of baggy trousers would do the trick or an over-sized tee. Just make sure it’s obviously a size or two up.

3. Choke us, we are your Anna Steele

Shout out to anyone who gets the reference. Looking to slay your alté look for October 1st, then you should definitely accessorize yourself with the staple of alté jewelry. After putting on the oversized clothing, you’ll need to balance it with your extra tight jewelry from rings to chokers earrings and bangles.

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4. No regular hair

Go wild. Express yourself. That’s what alté is all about. And what says Independence Day more than your hair dyed white and green?

You can loc it if you’re just testing the waters. If you’re just looking at the waters, dye it and if you’re only hearing about the waters, then get a colored wig. If you’re already swimming, shave it all off.

5. It’s the season

Since its Independence Day, you can wear the nation’s colors. But then you have to be a little extra. Why go forest green when you can go neon green. I mean you still have to make a statement.

You must be exposed to polychromatic ensembles to contrast and monochromatic ensembles to compliment.

The goal is to celebrate Independence Day, while being free yourself. Do not conform to the norms all because you want to make others happy. Do you.

PS: Don’t forget to document your best moments from that Day by taking a picture/making videos in 70s style VHSs or with the perfect snapchat filter.

Amara is an introvert who likes to write about anything that catches her attention. Being observant and 'weird' has helped shape her writing. You'll probaby find her stalking one twitter handle or the other when she isn't writing.

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