Dare TheCreator: A Creative Junkie’s Journey From A 9-5 To Being Timeless

Dare Okesanjo has worn many hats in his creative journey, but every hat has contributed a fabric to the huge magician hat he now wears as an Art Creator.

Jumping ship from the corporate fleet to now directing his own journey has been a bumpy transition, which is to be expected because Dare spent the last 6 years as an Art Director, molding the visual perceptions for corporate brands.

However, just like the coordinated sound of the Lagos nightlife, Dare has fallen into a chaotic rhythm that sheds more light on his creative mandate; which is to explore every strain of creativity that shines light on the little joys in life.
To kick off his journey, Dare is sharing a Positive Vybe with anyone willing to listen. It’s also a therapeutic deep dive into his experiences so far in his life journey.
Positive Vybe was Produced by Gamie for Uppa Ruum Studios.

You can stream the groovy chune on any of your favorite sounds spots.

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