Censodd’s ‘Childlike’ EP is Vulnerability, Nostalgia, and Musical Ingenuity All-In-One [EP Review]

‘Breaking the rules of adulthood, even Jesus says you have to be like Junior to enter the kingdom of God’

Censodd is a Nigerian alternative music artist who fuses Soul and Pop to create an Afrocentric rhythm. He acknowledges artist like Sade, Celine Dion, and Michael Jackson as his biggest musical influences. He began his journey in music when he joined his secondary school’s catholic choir at age 12.

Childlike is a short music album profiling the first 10 years of Censodd’s childhood as a queer
boy. He employs nostalgic melodies in his delivery while telling his story with all honesty.
Here is a review of each track accompanied by final thoughts on the project

Riding on a solo guitar accompaniment, Censodd sings about been a queer man crying out to God to
accept him, not judge him and forgive him. For him, with his sexuality, he has never had a choice and he has tried so hard to be straight and ‘be a man’ but now he is living his reality. Very honest and vulnerable songwriting.

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If Nostalgia was a song, then this song is definitely is!
Censodd brings up nostalgia with the primary school rhyme of ‘Holiday is coming’. Growing up as a primary school student and being on the assembly ground on the closing day of a school session is what the listeners are going to reminisce about, this time he brushes up and makes it his own and sprinkles it with violin riffs. Osadee verse on the song is equally impressive.

This track is the narrative of a young boy asked to recount his holiday experience. The storytelling is vivid, very descriptive. The chorus is nostalgia induced. The second verse reminds you of a prize-giving day and everything in between from receiving your prize to your mum cheering from the crowd. His illustrations are so humorous taking you back to those times when we all had zero worries in the world.

‘Lost’ houses elements of house music. The resounding questions ‘where do you go to find yourself?’ and ‘How does it feel to lose yourself’ augments how lonely the route of self-discovery and authenticity
is. The vocals of a man rambling in Hausa presumably are such a delight to listen to.


Is an interlude. On it, we hear the voice of Yini making a spoken-word rendition.

The closing track on this project is an ode to Censodd’s mother. The Journey of a man longing to return to a place where he finds succor – His home. He misses her, the memories they both have shared. The closing seconds of the song is a conversation spoken in his native tongue(Igbo). And like the father of the prodigal son, his mother is ever welcoming of her son back home.

One reason why this EP is amazing is the organic nostalgia in it. We have seen too many scenarios of the
new crop of (alternative) artistes try to induce nostalgia in their music via samples, fashion statements, art direction, and all. Some have been quite induced. But I haven’t listened to any project like ‘Childlike’
that springs up nostalgia so naturally, you can not only feel it, you can almost ‘see’ it.

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The production is very ‘un-cliche’, might not be the typical industry standard but the quality cannot be
ignored either. It is the tale of an artist who is content with remaining authentic and doing what works
for him.

Something in this project that stands out is the sequencing of storytelling of ‘Wanderer’ to ‘Lost’ to ‘Alone’ and to ‘Home’. For you truly have to wander to get lost and be alone before you get home. Says so much about the meditative work and subtle musical ingenuity that Censodd possesses.

Going forward, we all can agree that honesty is the best policy and that is equally applicable in the dynamics of music. And yes remember that we all have to be Childlike to enter the kingdom of God.

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